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  • N1 kindergarten solution fidget toy pvc puzzle floor mat

  • Kids start walking with orthopedic massage puzzle mat

  • Popular sensory toys for autistic children and other special needs

  • Сarpet puzzle mat are crafted from nature for all family

  • Choose play mat size & try health and preventive benefits

  • Muffik is certified: DEKRA, ITC, CE

  • Baby Set includes 6 tiles each 12 x 12 in

  • What exactly is the MUFFIK project?

    We shouldn’t forget that the first years of a child's life is when they discover the world by touch. Fine motor skills contribute to the proper speech development.

    The smooth surface of typical floor tile can't give a child a real idea of what really surrounds them. It's very important to know the world through different tactile sensations differing in hardness, surface structure autistic sensory toy and shape foam puzzle floor mat.

    Wouldn't it be great if something reminded us those days spent in nature with friends? In a flat or house, however, we can't just walk on grass, in a forest or on smooth sand like on the beach. Or can we? Fortunately, today we have modern technologies that make everything possible with carpet puzzle mat.

    We took baby play mat product and reclaim with real natural elements such as stones, cones, or blades of grass, created 3D orthopedic massage puzzle mat templates from them, and then made MUFFIK puzzles whereby you can assemble your own piece of nature in the comfort and safety of your own home.

    These foam puzzles mat are designed to be easy for everyone to assemble, disassemble and rearrange.

    You can create lot kids activities: trail, a path or even a maze and play a many adventure and skill games indoor playground. With our help, you can walk on the grass in the living room, turn a children's room into the beach with shells and a corridor into a forest with pine-cones and branches. You can replace all your pop tubes and help your child develop imagination and fine motor skills in a non-violent way through sensory play.

    The play mat recommended for kids with a special needs ADD OCD ADHD
    Muffik is certified: DEKRA, ITC, CE.

    Baby set Includes 6 Pcs!
    Meadow Hard Tile
    Muffik Hard Tile
    Grass Soft Tile
    Seashells Hard Tile
    Dino Eggs Soft Tile
    Pebbles Hard Tile
    Each 12 x 12in

    Sensory Orthopedic Puzzle Mat for Kids & Toddlers Natural Surfaces for Feet Stepping Stones Fidget Toy Set- Floor Lava Game Kids Toys Autism Sensory Mat Fidget Toys Baby Set - BLPHPQ7NA